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Mnemonic for Sulci And Gyri of the cerebrum

Hello everyone,
  Memorising sulci and gyri of the cerebrum consists of two parts:

  1. Memorising the names of the sulci and gyri
  2. Memorising the locations
Today I will help you with the first part. Please bear with me, it will be a lengthy one.
Lets start with Superolateral surface
We have 4 regions on superolateral surface. They are

  1. Frontal 
  2. Parietal
  3. Temporal
  4. Occipital
Trick for superolateral surface revolves around 3 letters, they are: PSI

Sulci- PSI      Gyri- PSIM
  1. Precentral 
  2. Superior frontal
  3. Inferior frontal

  1. Precentral
  2. Superior Frontal
  3. Inferior frontal
  4. Middle frontal 
Sulci:SI  Gyri: SMI
  Names of Sulci are:
  1. Superior Temporal
  2. Inferior Temoral

  1. Superior Temporal
  2. Middle Temporal
  3. Inferior Temporal

Sulci: PI Gyri: PSI
  1. Postcentral
  2. Intraparietal

  1. Post central 
  2. Superior Parietal
  3. Inferior Parietal
For occipital. Remember a simple mnemonic : Sulci- SaLLTy C    Gyri- Gisa.
  1. Superior and Inferior Polar
  2. Lunate
  3. Lateral Occipital
  4. Transverse Occipital
  5. Calcarine
And the gyri
  1. Gyrus descendens
  2. Inferior Occipital
  3. Superior Occipital
  4. Arcus parieto-occipitalis.
So that completes the superolateral surface.
Now moving on to Medial Surface
  Here's the mnemonic CAPS. Men wear CAPs.  
Now  it goes like this Sulci- CCCAPPS. Gyri- Men wear CCaPPPPs
  1. Calcarine
  2. Callosal 
  3. Cingulate
  4. Anterior parolfactory
  5. Posterior Parolfactory
  6. Parieto-Occipital
  7. Suprasplenial or subparietal
  1. Median frontal
  2. Cuneus
  3. Cingulate
  4. Paraterminal
  5. Paraolfactory
  6. Paracentral
  7. Precuneus
Finally moving to the Inferior Surface
 Here's the mnemonic
     when Cars HOORns  PeoPle LAugh LoudLy on boys playing GaMMes on streets!

Sulci (red coloured in mnemonic)

  1. Collateral
  2. H shaped orbital sulci
  3. Olfactory
  4. Occipitotemporal
  5. Rhinal

Gyri(purpled coloured in mnemonic

  1. Parahippocampal
  2. Posterior Orbital
  3. Lateral orbital
  4. Anterior Orbital
  5. Lingual
  6. Lateral Occipitotemporal
  7. Gyrus rectus
  8. Median Occipitotemporal
  9. Medial Orbital
Lets hope it will make memorising these things a bit easier.

That's all,
Chaitanya Inge

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