Monday, April 24, 2017

Medicowesome secret project: Let's talk about depression in medical professionals

What is the "Let's talk" project? How can I talk about mental illnesses?
According to the recent statistics, prevalence of depression and related mental disorders amongst the medical professionals is increasing and rates are much higher (15 - 30% ) compared to general population.

Being a medical student, I ask you - what is the point of working so hard day and night that you even forget you deserve a life of your own. And they say you must be a good doctor to treat patients in the future, while the actual fact is that they are making you a patient who needs emergent care yourself.

All of us know what causes such downfall inside us.. and when we fail to deliver our best as a consequence of this, a negative feedback loop develops !!

Today the smallest mistake by a doctor on the bedside is made a breaking news and cause of violence against the medical professionals. No one talks about the greatest wonders achieved by us and how we have come up to such level.

The medical profession needs to take measures and help doctors by changing the system. Introduce meditation and yoga classes in the daily curriculum. Design new mind - body programs to enhance general well- being. Reduce academics time and screen all medical students for symptoms of depression and anxiety. These measures might help in tracking the sufferers and treating the underlying cause.

Still we tend to step forwards to fight against all odds to become a 'good doctor' and serve humanity. The only thing that keeps all of us going among others is our dreams - to become a 'good doctor' one day and spread the bright lights of happiness all around. Even if there is darkness within, the thirst to achieve the greatest heights doesn't go off no matter what. :)

- Jaskunwar Singh

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