Secret Projects

A beautiful writing on struggles and compassion.

She wishes she could say this in the form of spoken poetry someday.

Huzaifa Bhopalwala writes to create awareness on organ donation

Stunningly beautiful analogies to the various parts of our bodies

This dark poem paints an imagery on the signs of alcoholic liver disease.

A nice read for people who like to strengthen their faith through science.

It's by the last verse that you realize the poet isn't talking about stats...

It's a mystery why 'Ghrelin' is his favorite word...

Chaitanya beautiful write about our journey as young doctors and medical students

See how Kavi chose to depict this beautiful organ for her secret project...

Writing by Devanshi Modi 

Can you figure out which condition the poet is talking about?

Poetry by Anshika Singh

This poem illustrates how hard it is to quit alcoholism

Because the heart wants what it wants

Somehow relatable to all of us, isn't it?

Poem by Anshika Singh

Poem by Palash Asawa

Poem by Anshika Singh

Not always do we dig so deep into the lyrics of a song...

A brilliant illustration and writing on this disorder

A glimpse of what it feels like...

Body the Great Recycler by Chaitanya Inge

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